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History behind top Royal Baby name predictions

In just about a month and a half’s time, the #GreatKateWait will once again begin.

The Duchess of Cambridge is due with her third child in April. There is no news on if she is having a girl or boy; sorry, but the colour of her coat isn’t giving anything away. Ladbrokes is still favouriting another princess, a Princess Mary to be exact.

The names behind Ladbroke’s most popular choices are no coincidence, the Royal Family has a history of sticking with family names. These are all possible names for the next royal baby and the history behind each name.

Mary- 6/1

Not only one of Queen Elizabeth’s middle names, but the name of The Queen’s grandmother, Mary of Teck (1867-1953), married to George V. Other royal Mary’s include Mary II (1662-1694) who ruled alongside her Dutch husband, William III and Bloody Mary or rather Mary I (1516-1558) who history remembers for her persecution of Protestants.

Alice – 8/1

The most recent Alice was the Duchess of Gloucester who lived from 1901 to 2004 making her 102 when she died. She married King George V and Queen Mary’s son, Prince Henry. She was already noble by birth as the daughter of the 7th Duke of Buccleuch. Other Alices are Princess Alice (1843-1878), Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s daughter and Princess Alice (1883-1981), the daughter of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany and Princess Helena of Waldeck and Pyrmont. Princess Anne’s middle name includes Alice.

Victoria – 8/1

One of the most famous monarchs, Queen Victoria (1837-1901) famously lived her life in black after the untimely death of Prince Albert. Victoria’s greatest achievements were the industrial expansion, economic progress and her vast empire.

Other girl’s names with odds of 16/1 are Alexandra, Diana and Elizabeth. Both Diana and Elizabeth are middle names for Princess Charlotte.

Arthur – 12/1

The most famous royal Arthur is King Arthur, a fictional character. Yet, his legend intrigued that of Henry VII who named his first son (1486-1502) after the tale. Other Prince Arthur’s include Arthur (1850-1942) the third son and seventh child, of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who also held the title of Earl of Sussex. Sussex is a popular contender for the title The Queen would grant Prince Harry and Meghan Markle upon their marriage. Arthur is also one of Prince Charles and Prince William’s middle names.

Albert – 12/1

The husband and consort to Queen Victoria, Prince Albert (1819-1861) married his first cousin at 20-years-old and had nine children together. He became a staple advisor to Victoria who relied on him. Albert’s legacy included the abolition of slavery and educational reform. Albert is one of Prince Harry and Prince Andrew’s middle names, too.

Frederick – 16/1

Prince Frederick (1707-1751), was heir apparent from 1727 until his death. While never king himself, his son became King George III.

Boy’s names tied at 16/1 odds with Frederick are Henry and James.


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