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Charles and Camilla: A Timeline of Their Love

It was in 1970 at a polo match that Prince Charles met Camilla Shand. Even though they belonged to the same social circle and attended some of the same parties this was the first time they had met. Not too long after first meeting they began to date. Camilla wasn’t the first in her family to have an affair with a future king. Her great-grandmother, Alice Keppel, was a favourite mistress of Prince Charles’s great-great-grandfather Edward VII. They continued to date until Charles joined the Royal Navy in 1971 when their relationship became strained and they eventually broke up.

In July of 1973, Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles. Camilla’s new husband had previously had a relationship with Prince Charles’s younger sister Princess Anne. Camilla and Andrew had two children together. Their son Tom was born on December 18, 1974, and is the god son of Prince Charles. On January 1, 1978, Camilla and her husband welcomed their second and last child, a daughter named Laura. Laura’s Daughter Eliza was a bridesmaid at the 2011 wedding of Camilla’s step-son Prince William to Catherine Middleton.

In 1977, Prince Charles met a 16-year-old Lady Diana Spencer, although it wasn’t until 1980 that Prince Charles took an interest in Diana and started courting her. Charles proposed to Diana on February 6, 1981, and the engagement was officially announced eighteen days later on February 24th. Charles and Diana were married on July 29, 1981, at St Paul’s Cathedral. On June 21, 1982, Charles and Diana welcomed their first son Prince William. Two years later they welcomed their second son Prince Henry on September 15, 1984.

In 1986, Charles and Camilla rekindled their love affair despite them both being married at the time. In 1992, the press leaked a series of tapes of recorded phone conversations between Charles and Camilla detailing aspects of their affair. The event was later dubbed “Camillagate” by the tabloids. Later that same year the palace officially acknowledged marital problem between Charles and Diana and in December it was announced that they had separated.

In 1994, both Charles and Diana admitted to adultery in separate televised interviews, Charles naming Camilla as his mistress. Just one year later in 1995 Camilla and her husband divorced, followed a year later by the divorce of Charles and Diana. A year later in 1997 Princess Diana was killed in car accident in Paris.

It wasn’t until 1998 that Camilla met Prince William and Harry. After the sudden death of Princess Diana, Charles and Camilla kept their relationship out of the public eye until 1999 when they appeared in public together for the first time. Just a year later in 2000 The Queen acknowledged Charles and Camilla’s relationship by attending a lunch also attended by Camilla.

In 2003, after years of dating Camilla moved into Prince Charles official residence at Clarence House. On February 10, 2005, Charles and Camilla’s engagement was officially announced. Their wedding was originally planned for April 8th but was moved last minute to April 9th so that Prince Charles could attend the funeral of Pope John Paul II.

Prince Charles and Camilla were married on April 9, 2005, in a civil ceremony with Prince William attending as best man. The wedding was attended by a handful of close friends and family, including Camilla’s ex-husband and his second wife, as well as a select number of royal family members.

Charles and Camilla have enjoyed many years of blissful marriage and are happier than ever. It is said that Prince Charles is at his most lively around Camilla. They have overcome years of scrutiny from the people and the press for their highly publicised affair. Through everything, their love has conquered all.

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