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32 Years Ago Today…

3839885629_75692a8ce7_bThe fairy tale romance and marriage the world had hoped for took place 32 years ago today! Lady Diana Spencer in her taffeta and lace gown by David and Elizabeth Emanuel with its never-ending 25 foot train wowed millions across the world. Prince Charles looked dashing in his Royal Naval uniform resplendent with his Order of the Garter among his other medals and awards of distinction.  As a child, this worldwide event royal splendor was the moment I became and Anglophile (later an Anglogeek as it turned into much more than watching a wedding and reading a few books).

The world was captivated at this young woman who within minutes of walking down what seemed at the time a never-ending aisle of St. Paul’s Cathedral would become a Princess. We marveled at the beauty and pageantry of the ceremony, taking in every word, sight and song. As we watched the television and waiting patiently for the doors to open onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace, everyone felt this was a modern fairy tale they were bearing witness to. As the crowds roared with delight and cheers from The Mall, Prince Charles finally kissed his Princess and on that day all seemed well in the world!

We can analyze the background, trials and tribulations and all the tales presented in regards to this union. One thing though remains certain, had it not been for this marriage the future of the monarchy may have taken turn in a direction far from the course it is on now. So today, despite all the background noise of negative stories and rumors, let us take a moment and go back 32 years and remember the pomp and circumstance and the joy that this moment in history brought to the country.

Photo Credit: The Foxling

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