History Rewind: The Duke of York marries Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

26 April 2014 - 04:33pm
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In 1920, Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George met Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the sociable daughter of a Scottish aristocrat. Albert fancied Elizabeth and tirelessly tried to gain her hand in marriage. Finally on the third try at a proposal, Elizabeth accepted.


The wedding of Albert and Elizabeth, who were then on known as The Duke and Duchess of York, took place on 26 April 1923.

Breaking tradition, the wedding was to be a public celebration at Westminster Abbey in lieu if a private ceremony at a Royal chapel. It is said this decision was made to help heal the nation following the terrible losses of World War I.


Since television was not invented at the time the wedding was not a media event. Radio was the medium at the time but the Archbishop of Canterbury would not allow it to be broadcast for fear men would listen at the pubs.

Elizabeth’s dress was made by Madame Handley Seymour. Prince Albert was in full RAF dress. It was on this day Elizabeth began the tradition of laying the wedding bouquet on Tomb of the Unknown Warrior in the Abbey. Recently, The Duchess of Cambridge laid her bouquet on the tomb after the wedding ceremony to Prince William.

The Duke and Duchess of York honeymooned in Scotland and Surrey.

photo credit: DonaldIndia via photopin cc

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