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Growing up Royal

The unofficial due date for the Royal baby has come and gone and people all over the world are eagerly awaiting news that the Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted to St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington to give birth to the future King or Queen of England.

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The world watched intently as Prince William grew from a tiny babe to the attractive and confident man that he is today.  We have all been witnesses to the important milestones of his life, from his first public appearance in the arms of his mother on the day after his birth in 1982, to his graduation from the University of St Andrews in 2005 and his marriage to Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey in 2011.

But, what important events in the life of this Royal child can we look forward to observing?  And how will the life of Prince or Princess NAME of Cambridge emulate that of his/her parents?

Both the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge attended exclusive independent schools where they excelled in sports and academics.  Prince William was a student at the Ludgrove School in Berkshire, where he participated in football and swimming.  He enrolled at Eton College in 1995, a school famous for educating many great and influential men.  The Prince continued to play football there, becoming captain of his house team.  He graduated after passing three A-level exams.  The Duchess captained the hockey team at Marlborough College and did well in her studies, passing three A-levels and her GCSEs with flying colours.  The Royal couple both attended the University of St Andrews in Scotland and graduated with Scottish Master of Arts degrees in 2005.

The first child of the Duke and Duchess will undoubtedly be enrolled at prestigious independent schools and then go on to study a degree at university and, like his/her parents, will succeed both academically and on the sports field.

Prince William spent parts of his gap year in Africa, where he took lessons in Kiswahili, joined the British Army for training exercises in Belize and worked as a Raleigh International volunteer in Chile.  The Duchess used her gap year to study Italian in Florence and then, like Prince William, went to Chile to join the Raleigh International programme.  The new Prince or Princess might also consider taking a year between school and university to be adventurous, study in a foreign country and dedicate his/her time for a charitable cause.

With the Duke of Cambridge being second in line to the throne, he will one day be head of the armed forces.   It was for this reason that he began officer training at the elite Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2006.  He went on to receive his RAF pilot’s wings and was posted to RAF Valley after two years of intensive training in the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.  Should the Royal baby be a boy, he will be expected to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in the military.

It will definitely not be all work and no play for the Prince or Princess, though.  He or she can also look forward to family skiing breaks in Klosters and exotic holidays in the Caribbean with the Middleton family.  He or she will certainly be watching his/her father and Uncle Harry on the polo field, attend the horse races at Ascot with Her Majesty the Queen and the rest of the Royal family and be a regular fixture in the Royal box during Wimbledon fortnight.

As the world waits impatiently for the arrival of the Royal bundle of joy, we can find relief in the anticipation of being able to witness all of the major milestones ahead.

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