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‘Great Expectations’

Prince William & Catherine announce their engagement

Prince William & Catherine announce their engagement

Her Royal Highness Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has had great expectations placed upon her by many different people; from her parents/family, The Duke of Cambridge, the Royal Family, and most prominently the media. From the moment Prince William and Catherine first stepped out together as a couple while attending St. Andrew’s University, many people started planning a wedding, putting immense pressure on Kate (as well as William). Ten years came and went without an engagement giving people the opportunity to dub her “Waity Katy.” Little did the public know, Prince William was giving her time to adjust; to take some of the pressure off of her. Catherine also had to endure a breakup in the middle of this courtship opening her up to much media scrutiny. In many instances, I believe that the media has unjustly judged the Duchess of Cambridge for things that were not (entirely) her fault, like the brief split with Prince William.

In November 2010, the moment had finally arrived. Prince William was announcing his engagement to (the former) Catherine Middleton. I remember being so excited when news hit that the royal couple was engaged. Immediately, however, the media started talking about the wedding, and more specifically, her dress. Now, I know that most wedding talk focuses around what the bride will wear, but this had to put more pressure on the bride-to-be. Her wedding had to be perfect. Any slip would have become global news. As we all know, the day went off majestically leaving us all with a happy, romantic attitude.

Soon after her wedding in April 2011, the media started a “bump watch,” opening up the expectations of the production of Prince William’s heir. I know that HRH knew that marrying William came with this expectation but this was an unnecessary pressure, in my opinion. Now that the Duchess is nearing the end of her pregnancy, the media and various childrearing groups have attached her name to their methods knowing the business that Kate Middleton or Duchess of Cambridge generated. Royalty or not, I believe that all new parents should have the opportunity to choose what is best for their child and themselves. The world’s media are already lined up outside of St. Mary’s Lindo Wing waiting for the new parents to enter the hospital. I will be thrilled when we get news that the Duchess has been admitted, but from Clarence House. In my opinion, no woman in labour should have to have the expectation placed upon her of getting her photograph taken entering the hospital.

Royal Wedding April 2011

Royal Wedding April 2011

On Twitter a few days ago, I asked my followers to share their opinions on the Duchess of Cambridge and the expectations that have been placed upon her. Many people agreed that the pressure and great expectations were over the top.

According to @MiddletonMadnes, “The Duchess of Cambridge has been gracious and lovely as a pregnant mum-to-be and will be even more amazing to watch as a MUM!” I couldn’t agree more.  She has excelled in every aspect of royal life thus far, and I do not foresee motherhood to be an exception.

Another follower, @urfavorite3304, joined the conversation, stating, “I’m from the US, but like the rest of the world we are on Cloud Nine and so excited for the next few weeks!”

My discussions on Twitter lead to to one simple conclusion. Although there are many great expectations placed upon the Duchess of Cambridge, I believe that she has become a wonderful role model for women everywhere!

photo credits: UK_repsome &  SPIngram via photopin cc

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