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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Future Plans After Two Years of Marriage

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have now been married for two years. Their first two years have been split between military and royal couple. But now with a baby on the way that seems to be changing. There has been a lot of speculation about Catherine’s pregnancy, William’s career, and their future plans. While all the speculation has a kernel of truth, I think it will helpful to make sense of all of it. William and Catherine have never been sticklers to royal tradition and have taken a more modern approach to managing time with the royal family and the Middletons. They have decided to trade off holidays. Their first Christmas as a married couple was with the royal family, and their second with the Middletons. While spending time and some holidays with the Middletons is always going to be a priority, it seems unlikely Kate will be centered in Berkshire for the birth or after it. She probably isn’t giving birth at the hospital close to her parents home or will be living with the Middletons after the baby’s birth.

I think it is likely Catherine will be spending a lot of her time with the Middletons right before the birth and after. William will more than likely ending his career at RAF valley this summer. His contract is until September, so he will probably be working until late August. This means when Catherine goes on maternity leave in mid-June, William will still be working at RAF Valley in Anglesey.  It would make sense for Catherine to spend most of her time with Middletons in Bucklebury, but still living in London. There is an emergency plan for Catherine to give birth at Royal Berkshire in case something happens when she is at her parents, but the birth most likely will be in London.

After the baby is born, William will have some paternity leave. It will probably only be a couple of weeks, and then he will have to finish up his contract. With William finishing his time in the RAF, Catherine will once again be spending time with her parents, but not necessarily living with them. Once William has finished his Search and Rescue contract, Catherine and him will be based in Kensington Palace. It is expected William and Catherine will take on more royal duties with a very strong likelihood of them being full-time royals. If William chooses not to be a full-time royal, he will most likely take a position with a branch of the military that allows him to stay in London.

With the final goal seeming to be William and Catherine becoming working royals, it would makes sense for Catherine to live in London to finish up Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace. And since William will split his time between London and Anglesey at least until August, their Nottingham Cottage will work for the still relatively small family. I think in September will see them take on new royal roles and start their lives as a new family in their new home.

photo credit: JeanM1 via photopin cc

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