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Duchess of Cambridge: pretty in pale peach Packham

The royal family at Westminster Abbey for the celebrationof the Queen's coronation anniversaryThe Duchess of Cambridge has been blooming throughout her pregnancy and blooms in this peach Jenny Packham bespoke dress and contemporary styled coat with a minimalist design neckline. She combines the outfit with her signature nude leather stiletto heels and accessorises with the earrings she wore to her wedding (which was held in Westminster Abbey) and a diamond bracelet that was a wedding gift, worn to the BAFTA reception in Los Angeles, California. She has combined the past with her presence at the ceremony in Westminster (the setting for her wedding) while combining contemporary accents to end up mixing old and new, a carefully crafted combination that fits in with the theme of the newer generation celebrating the six decades since the day Her Majesty became Queen.




1988:               Bridal dresses and evening wear

2008:               Bridal accessories to accompany her gowns

2010-11:           A lingerie range and a ready-to-wear accessories range

             In 2013, this very year, Jenny Packham fashion will celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the fashion house.

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