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Coronation Admiration

Coronation BalconyAs somebody who was not around at the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953, in fact somebody who was born nearly 40 years after her accession, it was amazing to watch today the whole thing from start to finish. From the procession to Westminster Abbey, to the procession down the Abbey, the very personal anointing of the Queen to the crowning shortly after and then the magnificent procession through the Queen’s capital and then finally the Buckingham Palace balcony appearance and RAF salute. It was fantastic to be able to see this ancient ceremony broadcast on television and we must thank Her Majesty sixty years on for allowing this to happen, thanks must also go to the BBC for repeating the ceremony sixty years on for those that had seen it first time around and for those who had not.

It gets people thinking about the next Coronation, although it will be a sad occasion as our great Queen Elizabeth II will not be here, it is inevitable that the Prince of Wales will become either King Charles III or King George VII ( George being the preferred name choice), however if his Coronation is as grand and patriotic as his Mother’s was then surely it will be another Coronation that goes down as one of the greatest the country has ever seen.

Long Live Queen Elizabeth II.

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