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Charity Spotlight: Swedish Crown Princess Couple Foundation

The Swedish Crown Princess Couple Foundation was founded in June 2010 on the occasion of the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling.

“In connection with our wedding in 2010, we noticed that there was a huge commitment, and many wanted to give gifts. We saw it as an opportunity to gather all the forces for a good purpose,” Prince Daniel says on the official website.

Per the Foundation’s official website, it aims “to prevent social isolation and promote good health among children and youths in Sweden.”

The Foundation was able to fund programmes beginning in 2011 and operates under a Board of Directors led by Svante Lindqvist, Marshal of the Realm.

Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, January Lindman (treasurer), Elin Annwall, Caroline Johansson, Karl-Johan Persson, and Johan Skarborg also sit on the board.

An Expert Panel operates to ensure that the Crown Princess Couple Foundation funds suitable projects. The Panel is staffed by volunteer experts who work in various industries and changes membership as needed as the Foundation shifts direction with its projects.

“I and Prince Daniel have had the opportunity to make many visits to various businesses and organisations dealing with similar issues. The visits have strengthened us in our commitment and our willingness to give children and young people a safer and healthier childhood,” Crown Princess Victoria says, in a quote on the Foundation’s website.

The Crown Princess Couple’s Foundation supports many initiatives and projects, including A Fresh Generation (En Frisk Generation), which works to promote healthy eating and physical activity to make Swedish children the healthiest in the world; Futebol dá Força Sweden, which teaches young girls how to play football without having to pay for lessons or register with an association; Kodcentrum, which works to teach coding and programming to young people; and Löparakademin, which mentors young people to achieve their goals.

Other causes supported by the Foundation include suicide prevention, meeting opportunities for babies and mothers, mental health exercises, inclusion in sports, and making it easier for young people to enjoy a cleaner, healthier life.

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