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Back to school with Crown Prince Frederik

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has had a special education with the beginning of it being somewhat unusual. Usually, it is common for the royal children either to have their education at the palace or a public or private school.

Crown Prince Frederik received private education at the palace, together with his brother and some selected friends in the early years of his schooling. They had a separate classroom at Amalienborg Palace in the centre of Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. There, Crown Prince Frederik went to school with his brother, Prince Joachim in first grade and second grade.

The Crown Prince in 2015. Photo: Nikolaj Gjoede via Wikimedia Commons.

After that, the Danish Royal Family made a choice. They chose to end Prince Joachim and Crown Prince Frederik’s special education at home and sent both their sons to public school. Therefore, Crown Prince Frederik received his first regular school day in 1976 when he started in third grade at Krebs School.

Both Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik followed their son, the heir to the Danish throne, on his first day of school. When the usual school day began, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik left the school. When the first day of school was over, Frederik went out of the class with his brother, Joachim, and out into the schoolyard where, after a short conversation with his new friends, he was taken back to Amalienborg Palace.

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark. Photo: Johannes Jansson via Wikimedia Commons.

Crown Prince Frederik remained at Krebs School until 1981. After this, he went to the famous school of Ecole des Roches in France before he returned to Denmark after one year. In 1989, the Crown Prince began his university studies in Aarhus by studying political science. In 1992-1993 school year, he also studied political science at Harvard University in the United States.

After the Crown Prince finished his university studies in 1995, he spent one year in Paris at the Danish Embassy where he gained significant experience in diplomatic work. In addition to his civil education, Crown Prince Frederik has a broad education from the Danish defence. The Crown Prince has served in both the Army, Air Force and Navy. He spent most of the time in the Navy, where he was educated in the Navy’s elite unit where members are referred to as frogmen.

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