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An Apology to Camilla — Say What?!?

I preface this blog post with this: I grew up in a household that read the tabloid magazines. Not only did we read the magazines, we were taught to believe most of what we read. Strange, absolutely! I tell you this, so you’ll have a better understanding of where I am coming from.


My first memory of the British Royal Family was the funeral procession of Diana, Princess of Wales. I don’t remember anything about the funeral itself,  but I remember my family being so upset because “the princess died.” As a five year old child, the term princess triggered Disney princess and I immediately asked which princess?? Surely it wasn’t Belle or heaven forbid Snow White?!? After my grandmother assured me it was neither but rather Princess Di, I oddly enough did not feel any better. “Why did such a beautiful princess have to be taken from this earth,” I thought? But one comment that was made that day has stuck with me since that dreadful day. “I hope that woman is happy,” my grandmother shouted at the television set. As that time, I had no idea who she was referring to but as I grew older and my passion for royalty deepened, I soon realized she meant the former Camilla Parker-Bowles. As soon as this reality found a home in my mind, I grew a deep hatred for Camilla, a woman I barely knew anything about. It was basically a favourite family pastime to make jokes about Camilla.

And then something occurred to me.

It wasn’t Camilla’s fault that the marriage of Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales ended in a bitter divorce. It wasn’t Camilla’s fault that Diana, Princess of Wales had passed away in a car accident. Most of the things that she had been blamed for weren’t her fault at all. In fact, she had done many terrific things for the public in general.

Charles, Camilla and Kate at the Garden Party

Charles, Camilla and Kate at the Garden Party

Now, I’m sure many of you are shaking your heads or screaming at me from behind your computer screens, but this was a huge revelation for me. Because of this, I have come to accept (the former) Camilla Parker-Bowles as Her Royal Highness Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. I also feel that I owe Her Royal Highness a HUGE apology for my non-valid feelings toward her.

I believe this shift in feelings that I have experienced over the past few years is beginning to happen in Britain and all over the world. Wherever she goes, a huge crowd always awaits. Her first solo overseas trip was fabulous. She’s even making official visits with Her Majesty the Queen; that, to me, is a huge sign that it is “okay” to accept her. If the Queen approves … so should we!

Because of all this, I truly believe that we will eventually see Queen Camilla, Queen Consort and I’m very much looking forward to this transformation.

HRH Prince Chares with HRH Camilla Duchess of Cornwall at Armed Forces Day in Edinburgh

  • I have always thought it odd that more women do not think better about The Prince of Wales and his choices. His marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales was unhappy. Of all the women in the world he could have married–he picked an older, not flashy, woman who obviously loved him. Would we have been happier had he picked a twenty year old who looked great in a bikini?

  • Kim Amsden

    I think that many people’s objections to the Duchess stem from the fact that by many reports, their relationship predated the Prince’s first marriage, and (possibly) continued through it. I have two responses to this objection: one, let (s)he who is without sin cast the first stone. Secondly, from much reading on the subject, it is clear that the reasons for the Prince and Princess’ marriage were complex, that the pressures they were under were huge and from many (historical, political, familial, religious) quarters, and that ‘fault’ is extremely hard to place. I say, let’s move forward. The Duchess, as far as I have heard, has not done any of the ‘off the record’ unpleasantries that some royals have possibly done in the past, she is an exemplary public servant, pleasant, important in the causes of literature and literacy, and seems to be pleasant to all family members. So I say, on we go.

    • carole mclean

      Yes – you must remember Diana was no angel. In their marriage I believe Charles had a very difficult time dealing with her tantrums, throwing herself downstairs etc. She manipulated the press constantly and had affairs all over the place with married men. Camilla behaved like a lady all through – stayed out of the marriage until it was irretrievably broken, never talked to the press, stayed totally in the background and came forward only at Charles’ insistence later. She has behaved impeccably and the boys are very fond of her, and as you say the Queen and other royals have accepted her, always laughing. I admire her, not so sure I admire Diana. If you actually look at the facts- you will have a different picture of the whole scenario.

  • Luana

    Whilst I think your comments are your own personal ones, I for one disagree on many things.

    Firstly, Camilla was a tart that the Queen Mum could not bear & therefore was not suitable for Charles.

    Secondly, every time the royal family does not like anything they think will harm their image, they quickly send away their children / heirs etc overseas to see if they can forget about the ones they had loved hence times in the Navy.

    Charles really felt safe with Camilla, as the courtesan that she is, would whisper sweet nothings in his ear (tampax talk) whilst being a very much married mother & wife.She was deemed unsuitable for the Prince of Wales whilst the Queen mum was alive & Phillip was against her too. The Queen hated Camilla & called her ‘that woman’.

    Charles is a weak man who is selfish, ugly, indulged, an adulterer and is lucky that he will be king according to the order of succession. He told his mother Camilla was non negotiable as far as he was concerned when he is crowned, she will be queen.

    Charle’s told Diana did she really expect her to think that he, The Prince of Wales was never going to have a mistress like all the other POW before him? Ironically, when one marries the mistress there is now a vacuum which he has not filled to date!

    The royal familyare the ones to be blamed soley for Charles & Diana’s marriage breakdown,& now they have opened the doors & taken Camilla in with open arms because they do not want her to spill the beans on Diana’s assisination. Hypocrites.

    The media keeps on saying that Catherine is a commoner, but hey, nothing is said about the common, tart & laziest woman in all England that is Camilla the Rotweiller taking after her common and tart ancestor who made the king another adulterer.

    Charles has PR upon PR spin doctors to put the Rotweiller in front & even pushes her to be in every frame as Catherine. Charles also ordered C to have her blonde hair even blonder so she can stand out like Diana.

    I hope that the Queen lives to 102 so that we do not have to have Charles around longer than we have to or see that ugly woman along side of him. Remember when they first gotten married she would not go with Charles as she was scared of planes, now it seems that she has seen more countries on the taxpayers and is only too happy to go solo and emulate Catherine.

    My memories of Diana, flawed as she was will live in my heart until I expire. Through her lovely sons, her legacy lives on forever.

    I am so happy that C & C do not have any children.

    No doubt that others will not agree with me, but that is why we can air our differences here for others to have their say.

    • Sarah Horsford

      Lovely little rant indeed. The former Mrs. Parker Bowles and HRH were not correct in defiling the vows of their individual marriages but true love is just that. Timing is key. Rottweiler and all the other names are just juvenile. I wish that Diana had found the happiness that she deserved. I also wish that TRH continue to be happy as well.

    • Yes, we can have differing POV’s but it is necessary to call another woman ugly? And the assertion that Charles “ordered” her to have her hair dyed blonder is sort of silly. Nor is she lazy. Stating one’s POV is fine…but words matter & they have energy. A good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t say something to a person’s face, you might not want to say/write it either. I am sure you are a very nice, polite person. I doubt you would ACTUALLY say these things to Charles or Camilla’s face if given the chance. 😉 xo Lulu

    • Bea

      I agree with you 100%. Good for you for putting on paper just as I would have done!!

    • carole mclean

      Diana was certainly not an angel; I would like to see your sources for the queen hating Camilla-and Charles did not commit adultery until the marriage was irretrievably broken and Diana had untold affairs with married men – Charles only with one lady whom he loved. How unkind you are saying Charles is ugly and a weak man -I think he is handsome and we do not know what he had to put up with or the pressures on him – don’t judge so vehemently- are you perfect?

  • Bravo to you! I agree with you 100%. I was 15 when Diana died & have been a royal watcher since the age of 9. Camilla was truly treated poorly by all. The truth is that Charles did what his “life duty” taught him to do: to marry the “right” girl….not the woman he loved. xo Lulu

  • Kim Amsden

    I have tried to let sleeping dogs lie, but I cannot seem to let this one go. Over the years I have seen various versions of the following opinion expressed: ‘Diana was my beloved/idol/one true Royal/perfection’ etc etc etc. Then they proceed to speak cruelly and disparagingly of the father and stepmother of their supposed beloved’s dear sons. Now, if one subscribes to the theory that Diana is looking down on us all, do we reallly think she would appreciate us treating the family of her dear boys so horribly? Now I know the Royal family doesn’t read our silly ramblings, but do we want to direct such massive negative energy at the Prince and Duchess? If you really loved and respected Diana, I think respect for her boys and their family should follow.
    Make no mistake – I enjoyed Diana no end. I woke at 2 am for the Wedding, followed her activities and charities, cherished the love and care she showed to her sons. But that time is past.
    William and Harry have obviously moved on. So should we.

  • Lisa H

    Prince Charles should have married Camilla before she married her former husband. At that time Camilla was not deemed suitable and Charles wasn’t man enough to stand up for the woman he loved. They had an affair while she was married and it continued after Charles married Diana. I believe if Camilla was out of the picture and Charles was as understanding and helpful teaching Diana what was expected of her as William is with his wife, Diana and Charles would still be married.

    If Charles and Camilla are happy, just remember it was at the expense of 2 spouses and 4 children.

  • Lupo’s fried

    Charles and Camilla are truly examples of disloyalty and “me first attitude.” They did not care about the damage done to innocent children. Seeing Camilla posing for pictures next the Queen is so disgusting. It makes the world wonder where is the Majesty wisdom and power. Camilla forced herself between Charles and Princess Diana. Now she is forcing hard between Charles an the Queen. It would be less dangerous if Lupo, the royal dog, takes Camilla’s place. After all, Lupo has earned its love from the people and has more charm than Camilla.

  • Caroline

    Camilla Parker Bowles is unspeakably vile, like incest, profanity, malediction, defecation, urination, obscenity and copulation. Whore of Shit, Putain de Merde, Porca Madonna, her mind has two spheres of sentiment, one vulgar and the other, all the equivalents and attributions of various reprehensible behaviours and violations of MORAL CODES, including, promiscuity, perversion and prostitution ……..she is an indecent c..ksucking motherf..king a..hole.

  • Ryan White

    camilla and diana are both difficult women in some respects, Diana and Charles were never meant to be together, they weren’t, if you ask me, Charles and Camilla would have been much better off marrying each other in the first place. Camilla was clearly the love of his life. Diana needed a different route in life than being princess of hearts, she was never cut out to be queen or princess of wales. That’s the bottom line, Charles was should have married Camilla and there would certainly have been less taboo than there is now

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