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A-Z of the Monarchy: O-U

In the penultimate instalment of this series, we shall look at a variety of Royal-related facts according to the letters O – U.

large_11210387146Orange blossoms – When Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert she wore a wreath of orange blossoms upon her head. Before their wedding day, Prince Albert gifted a gold and porcelain brooch in the form of a sprig of orange blossom to Queen Victoria, as well as a matching earring and brooch set.

People Will Say We’re in Love – The song by Oklahoma ‘People Will Say We’re in Love’ is reported to be a favourite of Her Majesty and Prince Philip.

Queen Who? – When a Monarch ascends the throne, they are asked what name they would like to reign as. Queen Victoria was once Princess Alexandrina Of Kent, and King Edward VIII was Prince David, Prince Of Wales. Let’s see what name Prince Charles chooses!

Royal Sovereign – The Royal Sovereign flag is never flown at half-mast because as soon as a Monarch dies, the next in line immediately ascends the throne. The only time it is flown at half-mast is if the body of  the previous monarch is housed on sight of a building or vessel, with the exception of Buckingham Palace.

State Banquets – So extravagant that only two are hosted a year. Each banquet features 2,000 pieces of cutlery, and the tables are topped with a staggering 5,000 gleaming candelabras and golden statutes.

Trooping the Colour – Also known as ‘The Queen’s Birthday Parade’, this event in June has occurred annually since 1820 (with a few exceptions). The parade consists of personal troops, the Household Division and on Horse Guards. That is over 1,400 officers, 200 horses and 400 musicians. Such a sight to see!


Unusual jobs – Buckingham Palace, also the office for the Head of State, has a staff of 800. You will find all your typical household employees there, and some you may not even know existed. Included in these are a fendersmith (in charge of maintaining the metal fenders in front of fireplaces) and a flagman (self-explanatory really – someone who is in charge of the flags).

photo credits: Defence ImagesMarlinchen via photopin cc

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