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‘A World of Fools and Knaves’ – Radio Four play on Charles I

Charles I

Charles I

Writer Mike Walker once again brings to life the emotions and strains felt by members of the Stuart monarchy in this BBC Radio Four afternoon play. This play is centred on Charles I and his relationship with his wife, Henrietta Maria. Their marriage begins to change as the Duke of Buckingham, whom Charles was devoted to, is assassinated in 1628. The marriage began as one of convenience and not one of attraction; however the shocking death of the duke seems to bring the couple closer than before. They now use each other for support and solace in such unsettling political times, creating a stronger emotional bond which cannot be tested.

Charles, known as the ‘second-best-king’, begins lose control of his government, building the way for drastic future events. Together, Charles and Henrietta cannot assume their reigns to be without threat. With the political state changing at a rapid pace, war begins to sadly seem inevitable; something which Charles wishes to avoid at all costs.

The play stars Julian Rhind-Tutt, best known for his role in the medical comedy series ‘Green Wing’, as Charles I and Vanessa Kirby as Henrietta Maria. The producers are Jessica Dromgoole and Sasha Yevtushenko.

The programme was broadcasted earlier today but will be available to listen on the Radio 4 website soon.

Photo credit: CircaSassy via photopin.

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