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5 Reasons Why Queen Elizabeth II Won’t Abdicate

medium_3082578114It’s now apparent that Prince Charles is stepping up his duties as The Queen reduces her own. This is a sign that Prince Charles is preparing for the role that he will one day fulfil, though not just yet. To completely dispel any idea that abdication is the word on The Queen’s lips at the moment, here are 5 reasons why Her Majesty won’t abdicate.

1. ‘I declare before you all…’

On the occasion of her 21st birthday the then Princess Elizabeth made a vow in a radio message to the Commonwealth, in it she said: “I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and to the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.”

2. Established Church

Unlike many other Monarchies in the world, the United Kingdom’s Monarchy is unique in that it is closely associated with an established church, the Church of England. The Queen is a very religious person and at her Coronation in 1953, she promised to serve the countries of which she is Queen for her life, in the sight of God.

3. The Abdication Crisis

Abdication is not a words Elizabeth II is likely to ‘enjoy’ hearing, her uncle Edward VIII abdicated in a cloud of scandal in 1936 when he was forced to abdicate in order to marry his twice divorced American lover, Wallis Simpson. This abdication left Elizabeth’s father to be King, a job he did not want and some say that Elizabeth II blames Edward VIII for her father’s early demise and excess stress the role of King put on him. She can not want to go down a similar avenue to Edward, regardless of her reasons being different.

4. A Job For Life

Whereas in the Dutch Monarchy, abdication is a common mechanism for retirement of Monarchs, the same is not true in the United Kingdom. Dutch Monarchs tend to abdicate in old age, British Monarchs often occupy the throne until death. This is probably due to a combination of the aforementioned reasons. The only Monarch in British History to voluntarily abdicate was Edward VIII.

5. ‘Married To The Country’

At her Coronation, the Archbishop of Canterbury placed the ‘Ring of England’ on The Queen, at which point it is said that the Monarch is ‘married to England’. This is another symbolic act that Elizabeth II would take very seriously, she hates people not sticking to their word and one supposes she would see abdication almost as a dereliction of duty and a breaking off of a ‘marriage’ to a country she loves so dearly and reigned over for 61 years.

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  • John Cox

    Four reasons are enough: THE DUKE OF WINDSOR

  • The writer has not mentioned to of the most important parts of the Coronation Ceremony: the anointing and the taking of the oath.

    Of the holiest part of the rite Shakespeare has King Richard II say:

    “Not all the water in the rough rude sea
    Can wash the balm from an anointed king;
    The breath of worldly men cannot depose
    The deputy elected by the Lord.”

    The oath is not only taken but signed during the service.

    These are binding contracts made to God and the British people and The Queen did not make them lightly. In this consumerist, throw-away age it is good that some fundamental promises are kept, which do take us to a higher level.

  • june jeung

    Majusty queen. We need to help American out.,I think, We always concern about it.

  • Annette

    There is reason that they made her and she became the queen. There is this possible purpose that she holds her word there are the things she showed me talk when must be silent to hear then attack by what you hear and follow through it’s. This that makes me dedicated to loyalty god contrary being hers and special education,prostituton homicide drug cases and love family first in my life by what I teach and live god bless love her and I love the Queen fast joke how do u know when the queen been loved by Philip her thigh highs are in knots god bless it and her.

  • Annette

    Lady’s have no rule use what have to find info follow money follow the crime look like hell they know nothing look hot they fill your ears with bs ,they say I love the mean old lady I came out all brat but protection of all things and suckers run out to the center of the pop .but why would star cover Carl and Robyn why would Pd cover drug and hooker cases and what are they using to continue to commit crimes why is a hospital involved in a rape case and what’s it worth .

  • norman gasko

    Foremost we must not forget the influence of her Granny the indomitable Queen Mary

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