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10 Questions & Answers On… Princess Beatrice Of York

Princess Beatrice is the daughter of Prince Andrew and the granddaughter of The Queen. The 24-year-old Princess is the first female in line to the throne and this week, we take a look at the life of Princess Beatrice in 10 Questions & Answers.

Question 1: Who is Princess Beatrice?

Princess Beatrice is the eldest daughter of HRH The Duke of York and his now divorced wife, Sarah, Duchess of York. Princess Beatrice was born on 8th August 1988 (the date being 8/8/88, which most people don’t believe apparently when she tells them). Princess Beatrice has begun to take on more duties recently in the Royal Family; the most recent being going to Germany with her sister, Princess Eugenie on a business-related visit.

Question 2: ‘I still don’t know who Princess Beatrice is, who is she?’

If you still don’t remember who Princess Beatrice of York is, then perhaps this little slice of trivia may remind you. Princess Beatrice was the member of the Royal Family who attended the 2011 Royal Wedding wearing that rather ambitious and elaborate hat (see below picture). She eventually sold that hat for charity, raising over £81,000 through eBay. She is 5th in line to the throne and is the first female in line to the throne.

Royal Wedding - Carriage Procession To Buckingham Palace And Departures

Question 3: What was Princess Beatrice’s childhood like?

Beatrice was baptised in the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace on 20 December 1988, her godparents being: Viscount Linley (her father’s cousin); the Duchess of Roxburghe (now Lady Jane Dawnay); The Hon Mrs John Greenall; and Mrs Henry Cotterell. She was named after The Princess Beatrice, daughter of Queen Victoria. Beatrice began her early education at the independent Upton House School in Windsor, in 1991. From there, she and her sister both attended the independent Coworth Park School from 1995. Beatrice continued her education at the independent St. George’s School in Ascot, where she was a pupil from 2000 to 2007.

Question 4: What was Princess Beatrice’s education like?

Princess Beatrice has to delay sitting her GCSE exams by one year whilst she received attention and guidance for having dyslexia. Having been diagnosed with dyslexia as a child, she delayed sitting her GCSE exams for one year. She remained at St. George’s to take her A-Levels, gaining a grade A in drama, and B grades in history and film studies. She was elected Head Girl in her final year.

Question 5: Did Princess Beatrice take part in the London Marathon?

Yes! In April 2010, running to raise money for Children in Crisis, she became the first member of the Royal Family to complete the London Marathon. The then 21-year-old princess and her American boyfriend David Clark were part of a “human caterpillar” of 34 people who ran the length of the 26.2-mile London Marathon course tied together with bungee cords. The Princess, who has worn a lime green tutu over her running gear, was congratulated at the finishing line by her parents the Duke and Duchess of York, who watched the race together.


Question 6: To what extent does Beatrice assume Royal duties?

Princess Beatrice is usually present at major royal events such as Trooping the Colour in London, and The Queen’s 80th birthday. She and her sister were also guests at the Concert for Diana, in memory of their late aunt organised by their cousins, Princes William and Harry. Both princesses attended the service of thanksgiving for Diana on 1 September 2007, representing their father, who was on an official visit to Malaysia. Princess Beatrice performed her highest profile royal duties to date when she accompanied The Queen to the traditional Royal Maundy services on April 5, 2012. Other than the Duke of Edinburgh, she was the sole member of the Royal Family to attend the Maundy Thursday services at York Minster with the Queen. There, Beatrice interacted with parishioners, received flowers from the public, and assisted the Queen as she passed out the official Maundy money to the pensioners. In the lead up to the 2012 Summer Olympics Princess Beatrice welcomed the Olympic flame on the steps of Harewood House near Leeds.

Question 7: What title and style does Beatrice hold and by what virtue?

As the male-line granddaughter of the Sovereign, Beatrice is entitled, under the 1917 Letters Patent, to the title and style of ‘Her Royal Highness’ and ‘Princess’. As a granddaughter of the sovereign, not the daughter, she takes her title based upon her father’s. I.e. Beatrice’s father is ‘HRH The Duke of York’, therefore Beatrice takes the title and style in full of ‘Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice of York’.

Question 8: Is Princess Beatrice married, to whom?

Princess Beatrice is not married. Though she does have a long term boyfriend whom many have speculated may become more than that soon. Dave Clark is Beatrice’s long term boyfriend. Dave is an American by birth who has lived most of his life in the UK. He works for Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic company, and is six years older than Beatrice.


Question 9: Does Princess Beatrice hold any chance of becoming Queen?

Princess Beatrice is 5th in line to the throne. At that place, it is highly unlikely that she’ll ever become Queen, but there is a chance, just like with everything. In fact, Queen Victoria, Princess Beatrice’s great-great-great-great-grandmother was fifth in line to the throne and she became Queen.

Question 10: What does the future hold for Beatrice?

Until recently, it appears Beatrice was looking for a suitable career. After beginning to assume some royal duties, such as going to Germany on a business trip, it seems she may even be interested in taking up more royal duties as a career. She currently lives at St James’s Palace with her sister Princess Eugenie, in apartments paid for by their father the Duke of York and have done for the past few years.

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