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10 Questions & Answers On… Prince Harry Of Wales

This week’s 10 questions and answers is on HRH Prince Henry (commonly known as ‘Harry’) Of Wales. This 10 Questions And Answers was written by the editor of Harry Wales Watch, a Twitter account dedicated to reporting the latest and most interesting news on Prince Harry. Follow Harry Wales Watch on Twitter: @HWalesWatch

Question 1: When was Prince Harry born and who were his godparents?

Prince Henry Charles Albert David, the second child of Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, was born at 4:20 p.m. on 15 September 1984 at St. Mary’s hospital in London. Called her “Spencer child” by his mother, Harry got his ginger coloring from his mother’s side of the family which sported many copper-headed aunts and uncles. He was christened on 21 December 1984 in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle by the Archbishop of Canterbury. His godparents were Lady Sarah Armstrong (daughter of Princess Margaret), Carolyn Bartholomew, Lady Vestey, the Duke of York, Bryan Organ and Gerald Ward.

Harry was described as a quiet, good baby.

Question 2: Where was he educated?

Following in his brother’s foot steps, Harry began his education at Weatherby primary school. At eight, he entered Ludgrove prep school – his first experience at a boarding school. He was at Ludgrove for six years before joining William at arguably the most exclusive school in England, Eton. Harry wasn’t the most academically talented student. He was more at home on the playing field than in the classroom. He finished school with two A levels: a D in Geography and an A in art. Not interested in going on to university, he enrolled in Sandhurst Military Academy after his gap year.

Question 3: Is he athletic?

Harry is definitely a sport fanatic. It has been said he bests his competitive brother in this area. He’s skiied since an early age, taking frequent ski holidays with his parents. At Eton he enjoyed playing rugby and a game specific to that school – the wall game. As a young man he picked up the sport of kings, polo, and one team manager has said he’s good enough to go pro if he wished. He also enjoys watching sports, being seen at darts and rugby matches. (He’s the vice patron of the Rugby Football Union.) Unfortunately, as displayed at the launch of the Coach Core initiative with the Cambridges in 2012, he isn’t good at basketball which greatly disappoints this writer.

Question 4: What has he accomplished in the military?

From an early age, Harry wanted to be a solider. He began to make this wish come true when he enrolled at Sandhurst and began officer training. After “passing out” of the officer academy on 12 April 2006 he entered the Royals and Blues (Household Calvary.) He fought hard to be allowed to go to the front lines and finally served 10 weeks in Afghanistan as air traffic controller before returning at the end of Feb 2008.

After that deployment, he became a lieutenant with the Royals and Blues in April 2008. Determined to find his way back into action, he entered pilot’s training in Jan 2009 at Shrewsbury. William was training there at the same time. Upon graduation in May 2010, he received his provisional wings from his father.

In 2010, after arduous qualification exams, he entered Apache training. The intense training to pilot these sophisticated aircraft spans over 18 months, including training in the deserts of California and Arizona. Harry completed his training in February, 2012. He was awarded the prize of top co-pilot gunner and deemed combat ready. In May 2012, he was promoted to Captain.

Finally, in September 2012, his dream of returning to the front lines came true. He was deployed for a 20-week tour based out of Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. He returned to England on January 23, 2013.


Question 5: What trips abroad has made as part of his duties?

Though not all have been “official” tours representing Her Majesy, Harry has made several well-publicized trips abroad:

2003 – He spent his gap year in Australia working as a ranch hand and Lesotho. His time in the latter inspired him to later found Sentebale.

2007, November – He visited Lesotho again to work with Sentebale.

2009, May – He crossed the pond to New York City where he visited the site of the 9/11 attacks, several charities, and played a polo match for Sentebale.

2010, January – In Barbados he participated in  fundraisers for Sentable and survivors of the Haitian earthquake.

2010, June –  Harry and William took their first joint overseas tour to Africa. In Botswana and Lesotho they checked in on their charities Tusk Trust and Sentebale. In South Africa they supported the UK’s bid for the FIFA World Cup.

2010, June – He visited New York City again to participate in a variety of activities to benefit Sentebale and veteran charities. Also threw out the first pitch at a New York Mets game.

2010, December – Harry traveled to Berlin to accept the Golden Heart award for his work with children.

2011, March – He joined Walking With the Wounded for part of their daring expedition to walk to the North Pole after training for a few days in Norway.

2012, March –He represented the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee in Belize, the Bahamas and Jamaica. He then represented the British government in Brazil to launch the Great campaign.

2012, May – In Washington DC, he accepted the prestigious Humanitarian Award from the Atlantic Council for his work with wounded veterans.

Question 6: Is he a patron of any charities?

Yes, quite a few! He co-founded Sentebale with Prince Seesio of Lesotho. Sentebale, which means “forget me not” in Sesotho, works with the disadvantaged children of this tiny, landlocked African country. Recently, it was announced Sentebale plans to expand it’s work outside of Lesotho. Other charities he supports which work with children are Well Child and the Henry Van Straubenzee Memorial Fund, founded in honor of his late school friend.

He’s a great supporter of veterans’ organziation. He’s made headlines in the past couple of years for partnering with Walking With the Wounded. He joined the group on a trek to the North Pole and has expressed interest in going with them to the South Pole. Other veterans’ groups which benefit from his patronage include Rugby for Heroes and Forces in Mind Trust.

Sport is also important to him. This year saw him take on patronages for the London Marathon and School Games. The Royal Foundation consolidates charitable work conducted by Harry and his brother and sister-in-law. Together the three are able to do more good on a greater scale.

Question 7: He seems to have gotten a lot of bad headlines in his lifetime. What’s the fuss about?

The prince the late Princess of Wales called “the naughty one” hasn’t been without his share of controversies over the years. When he was 17, tabloids revealed that he had been drinking illegally and smoking marijuana while during his school holidays at Highgrove. When Prince Charles had learned of the incident, he took Harry to Featherstone Lodge rehab clinic to learn about drug addiction. As a young man, he was involved in a few other embarrassing situations. In 2004, there was a scuffle with a paparazzo outside Pangea nightclub. One of his most infamous incidents occurred a year later when Harry wore a Nazi costume to a fancy dress party. And of course, perhaps his biggest controversy to date, needs only two words: Las Vegas. Despite all this he has for the most part enjoyed a positive image with the public who view his antics as of that of any young man.


Question 8: Who are his close friends?

Harry’s lucky to be surrounded by a group of tight-knit, loyal friends.

Thomas van Straubenzee attended Ludgrove and Eton with both William and Harry. He was in William’s class while his younger brother Henry, tragically killed in a car accident in 2002, was in Harry’s. Recently Tom became engaged to another close friend of Harry’s, Melissa Percy.

Tom Inskip, best known as Skippy, is Harry’s rowdy, wild-haired partner in crime. The son of a Beaufort Hunt master, Skippy is almost guaranteed to be by Harry’s side when the prince is at play.

Jake Warren is a perfect royal pal. His father is in charge of the Queen’s stud farm and his uncle lives in Highclere Castle (better known as Downton Abbey.) Jake takes keen interest in horseracing and is part owner of the horse Usain Colt, along with Harry. He works in sports public re­­lations.

Guy Pelly is often described as William’s best friend but is certainly one of Harry’s as well. Guy’s well known for being a nightclub mogul. From Mahiki, to the now-closed Public and new hotspot Tonteria Express, Guy is someone who obviously knows how to show his friends a good time.

Question 9: Who has he dated?

His most well-known, and most serious girlfriend, was South African heiress Chelsy Davy. The two had a tempestuous relationship for several years before finally breaking up in 2009. Chelsy is said to have broken up with him as she didn’t want to live the royal life. Since then there have been rumors of reconciliation – she was his date to his brother’s wedding and he’s been spotted leaving her flat in the wee hours a couple of times. Those appear to be only pipe dreams. At this point, it seems both have moved on.

Past Chelsy, England’s most eligible bachelor has been linked to several beautiful women. Everyone has their own definition of dating but he has had some sort of connection with these ladies: Laura Gerard-Leigh, Nathalie Pinkham (although she denies a relationship, Harry was famously shot intimately groping her in a club), the presenter Caroline Flack, Astrid Harbor, model Florence Brudnell-Bruce, Mollie King of the girl group the Saturdays and, most recently, Cressida Bonas.

Question 10: Where does Harry like to go for a good time?

We all know this is a prince who balances hard work with hard play. He enjoys vacationing with his friends and family across the globe. Some of his recent holiday spots include skiing in places like Verbier; shooting in Spain; clubbing in Croatia; bike riding in Romania; basking in the sun of Marjorca and Necker Island; enjoying the beauty and solitude of Africa and of course living the high roller life in Vegas.

He also has quite the reputation for nightlife. He – along with the other young royals – have provided great PR for a number of Mayfair and Chelsea clubs. In the past they were known to frequent Mahiki, Boujis, China White and Raffles. Harry’s recent favorites include the Arts Club, Beaufort House, Markham Inn, Bart’s, the pizza/karaoke hangout Bunga Bunga, and saucy Mexican restaurant Bodgea Negra.

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