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10 Questions & Answers On… Princess Eugenie Of York

10 Questions & Answers will happen every Friday (where possible), what it will mean is we will compose an article every Friday containing 10 commonly asked questions about a member of The Royal Family (whether that Royal is someone who is alive or deceased).

This week, we have chosen 6th-in-line to the throne, Princess Eugenie Of York.

Question 1: ‘I’ve never heard of Princess Eugenie, who is she’?

Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie Of York is the second daughter of HRH Prince Andrew, Duke Of York and Sarah, Duchess Of York (known as ‘Sarah Ferguson’ or ‘Fergie’). Princess Eugenie is 6th in line to the throne and is the second female currently in line to the throne after her elder sister Princess Beatrice Of York. Princess Eugenie is not perhaps as active as some other Royals are, which is why you may have never heard of her. Princess Eugenie has attended some engagements on behalf of The Queen and in her own right.

eugenie-celebrates-18th-birthday-with-tatler-photo-shootQuestion 2: Is there a chance Princess Eugenie may become Queen?

Yes! there’s always a chance for any royal in the line of succession to reign. Obviously, as you go down the line, the chances decrease. Currently, Princess Eugenie is 6th-in-line so there’s always the chance that we may see a Queen Eugenie!

Question 3: Where does Princess Eugenie live?

Princess Eugenie officially lives at Royal Lodge Windsor with her father, The Duke Of York and sister, Princess Beatrice. Princess Eugenie may have her own accommodation or flat she may live in with friends, but this is something the public hasn’t been told.

Question 4: Did Princess Eugenie have a medical condition as a child?

Yes. Princess Eugenie suffered with scoliosis of the spine. In October 2002, Eugenie, then aged twelve, underwent back surgery at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in London, to correct the scoliosis. She still has the two titanium rods in her back that were put in place in 2002. She made a full recovery and is not expected to undergo any further surgery for the condition.

Question 5: Does Princess Eugenie perform many duties?

Princess Eugenie currently remains out of the public light a lot of the time. She is not considered one of the top royals, although comes under the extended Royal family. She can be seen at Trooping The Colour in June every year and at other engagements too.

Question 6: What can we expect in terms of any future wedding?

Princess Eugenie is, as far as we’re aware, currently in a relationship with former bartender Jack Brooksbank. They have been seen many times together and continue to be now. If any future wedding is on the cards, it is highly unlikely to be a state affair like the marriage of Prince William and Catherine was but more likely to be an understated family gathering like Mike and Zara Tindall’s wedding.


Question 7: Does Princess Eugenie have a job?

It is the case that some more junior members of the Royal Family have to find employment nowadays and can no longer live off of the sovereign or their Royal Family. Princess Eugenie gained a 2:1 degree from Newcastle University this year, in English and History Of Art. Shortly after achieving her degree, she was asked about future career plans, she replied: ‘I’m a freshly finished student so my future plans are coming together as we speak.’

Question 8: What is Princess Eugenie’s full title and style?

As a male-line granddaughter of the reigning Monarch, under the 1917 Letters Patent, Princess Eugenie is entitled to the title and style of ‘Her Royal Highness’ and ‘Princess’ – Her full name and title is ‘Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena Of York’.

Question 9: Is it true Princess Eugenie did an interview with magazine, Tatler?

Yes. Her Royal Highness conducted an interview with Tatler magazine in April 2008. In it, she described her grandmother as “one of the most amazing women ever,” and her parents as “the best divorced couple” she knew.

Question 10: Did Princess Eugenie undergo orthodontic treatment?

Yes, Princess Eugenie underwent orthodontic treatment from 2007 until 2009, Princess Eugenie wore a fixed brace appliance to correct her teeth. Her sister, Princess Beatrice, also underwent similar orthodontic treatment.

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