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10 Questions & Answers On… The Duchess Of Cambridge

Those that follow us on Twitter will understand that we have recently had a brainwave. After we abolished Monarch Monday a few months ago (where every Monday, we tweet facts exclusively about an historic Monarch), there has been a certain void that we’ve now decided needs filling. The reason we abolished Monarch Monday was that we were running out of Monarchs of interest to produce facts about. 10 Questions & Answers is our answer to the gap that we think needs filling.

10 Questions & Answers will happen every Friday, what it will mean is we will compose an article every Friday containing 10 commonly asked questions about a member of The Royal Family (whether that Royal is someone who is alive or deceased), we will then post this to our site but also tweet it in smaller chunks on our Twitter feed!

So, without further or-do, here is our first 10 Questions & Answers post. We have chosen to begin with quite possibly the most famous member of the Royal Family after The Queen, HRH The Duchess Of Cambridge.

Question 1: What actually is Catherine’s title?

Catherine’s title since her wedding has been Her Royal Highness The Duchess Of Cambridge, however she does hold other titles, the reason Duchess Of Cambridge is used instead of any of the others is because it is the highest ranking title out of the lot. She is also Countess Of Strathern and The Baroness Carrickfergus. In fact, she is known as the Countess Of Strathern when in Scotland and is known as Baroness Carrickfergus when in Carrickfergus.

Due to the way British Titles work, she is also ‘Princess William’ and if William had not been made Duke Of Cambridge (or given any of the other titles), after her wedding day, Catherine would have been styled as ‘HRH Princess William’.

Her title in full is: Her Royal Highness Princess William, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus

Question 2: What is Catherine’s actual name, why aren’t you calling her Kate?

Her full first name is Catherine, by birth although she is affectionately known as Kate to close friends and also the wider public. She has actually specified on previous occasions that she prefers to be called by her birth name [Catherine] as opposed to Kate. Also, in Royal circles nicknames are rarely (but not always never) used.

One thing to remember is that she is definitely NOT Kate Middleton, she hasn’t been Kate Middleton since her wedding day! If anyone must style her without a title, it should be ‘Catherine Windsor’ or ‘Catherine Cambridge’. On occasions she has used the name ‘Mrs Cambridge’ when wanting to remain unrecognised.

Question 3: Will Catherine be Queen?

Yes! Forget what people rather ignorantly tell you, she will become Queen Catherine once William accedes to become King William V. Although she won’t be Queen in her own right (whereas Queen Elizabeth II is what’s known as a Queen Regnant, Catherine will be Queen Consort). She will fully become: Her Majesty Queen Catherine, Queen Consort! Also, if William dies whilst on the throne before her, she will become Her Majesty Queen Catherine, Queen Mother.

Question 4: What are Catherine’s interests?

Catherine is very interested in art. She herself has a 2:1 degree in History Of Art. She is also interested in charitable causes. When Catherine is in her and William’s Wales home in Anglesey (they live there some of the time as William works there as RAF Search & Rescue pilot), she enjoy engaging in village life and has often been seen in the local supermarkets and other village shops.

Question 5: Why do the press seem to notice when Catherine’s family are at Royal events more than other Royals-by-Marriage’s families?

Catherine has always been very close to all of her family. Her husband, Prince William has often remarked how close he is to the Middletons and how he calls him ‘Dad’. Unlike with previous Royals-by-Marriages’ families, The Middeltons have become world-wide famous that when the Middletons attend Royal events, they too are often watched just as closely as the Royals themselves.

Question 6: Has Catherine performed Royal duties on her own?

Yes! On 19 March Catherine gave her first speaking engagement for the opening of the Treehouse, a new children’s hospice opened by EACH, a charity of which she is a patron – this was her first solo public engagement. Critics regarded it as a resounding success. Since then, Catherine has begun performing more duties in her own right, further establishing her place in the Royal Family.

Question 7: What was this recent Order Of Precedence change that affected Catherine?

Recently, The Queen updated the Order Of Precedence in the United Kingdom to position Catherine below blood princesses. Originally, the order put Catherine in a place where she didn’t have to curtsy to many people. The change put her in a place where she now has to curtsy to blood princesses (Princess Anne, Beatrice & Eugenie) when William is not present and the reverse when William is with her!

Question 8: Is Catherine really the first commoner to marry into the Royal Family?

Okay, here’s where it gets a little tricky! On one hand using one set of determining rules, yes she is – on the other using a different set, she is not. The former Sophie Rhys-Jones (now HRH The Countess Of Wessex) was not of aristocratic descent before she married Prince Edward in 1999. Having said that, she’ll never be Queen – Catherine will. So you could say that Catherine is the first commoner who will become Queen of the United Kingdom.

Question 9: Is Catherine in any way related to the Royal Family?

Yes! In a study of Catherine’s ancestry, William Addams Reitwiesner uncovered the ancestors she likely shares with her husband Prince William; the closest relationship is via Prince William’s mother and Catherine’s father through a common descent from Sir Thomas Fairfax and his wife Agnes (or Anne) Gascoigne, daughter of Sir William Gascoigne and his wife, née Lady Margaret Percy. If true, the couple would be fifteenth cousins. Sir Thomas Fairfax and Agnes Gascoigne are related via Catherine’s great-grandmother Olive Lupton, daughter of a Leeds cloth merchant Francis Lupton and his wife Harriet (née Davis) – Fairfax being an ancestor of Lupton. In turn, Lady Margaret Percy is descended from Edward III.

Question 10: Does she support a football (soccer) team?

Yes! It’s a surprise to many people but Catherine supports Reading football club. Her husband is a well known supporter and member of the board for Aston Villa FC. Catherine revealed she supports Reading FC when she visited the official launch of The Football Association’s National Football Centre at St George’s Park, Burton-upon-Trent, on October 9 2012.

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