Susan Bordo

  • Why You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You’ve Heard About Anne Boleyn

    by - Jan 13, 2014
    “Incredibly vain, ambitious, unscrupulous, coarse, fierce, and relentless.” It’s an instantly recognizable image of Anne Boleyn. The quote comes from Paul Friedman’s 1884 biography. But fans of Philippa Gregory will find her reincarnated as the sister...
  • Oh, For the Good Old Days: Reflections on The Tudors, The White Queen, and Reign

    by - Nov 2, 2013
    When Robert Greenblatt, then president of Showtime and producer of such innovative series as Dexter, The L Word, and Weeds, got the idea to do a series on the Tudors, his goal was to make a...