Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis

  • The Defence of King Richard III Part 5 – Brotherly Love

    by - Sep 15, 2013
    We have seen so far how Shakespeare has collated various rumours and fabrications to construct a villain in his King Richard III who is a murderer, cold blooded and willing to admit his vicious deeds. We...
  • The Defence of King Richard III Part 4 – Bosworth, Shakespeare & That Horse

    by - Aug 22, 2013
    On 22nd August 1485 King Richard III led a thunderous charge of cavalry across the field at the Battle of Bosworth in an attempt to crush Henry Tudor, the invader who laid claim to Richard’s throne....
  • The Defence of Richard III Part 3 – To Kill A King

    by - Aug 11, 2013
    On 21st May 1471, 17 days after Tewkesbury, King Henry VI died in the Tower of London. On that same day King Edward IV returned to London in triumph. The White Queen showed us one version of...
  • The Defence of Richard III Part 2 – The Foundations of Evil

    by - Aug 6, 2013
    King Henry VI, who contested the Wars of the Roses, in spirit at least, with King Edward IV had only one child, Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales. In 1469, the Earl of Warwick, the Kingmaker,...
  • The Real White Queen? A Defence Of King Richard III

    by - Aug 2, 2013
    Good or Evil? Let us talk rather of shades of grey, for that is what all real people are made up of. And what is often forgotten is that, just like you and I, King Richard...