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  • 10 Questions & Answers On… The Countess Of Wessex

    by - Jan 4, 2013
    It’s 10 Questions & Answers time again. This week, we’ll be answering 10 frequently asked questions on Her Royal Highness Sophie, Countess Of Wessex (commonly referred to as ‘Sophie Wessex’), wife of Prince Edward, Earl Of...
  • Naming A Royal Baby – What Will William & Kate Choose?

    by - Jan 2, 2013
    Since day one of ‘Royal Baby Watch’, a lot of the excitement that has been generated has been channeled into predicting what the name of this new Royal Child will be, will they go traditional or...
  • Is Royal Protocol Still Relevant?

    by - Jan 1, 2013
    Ever since William The Conqueror obtained the crown of England, Monarchs have always been held in the highest regard and treated with the uttermost reverence and deference. That is, until now. Over the last few decades...
  • How To Get Tickets To Trooping The Colour

    by - Jan 1, 2013
    Happy New Year. For Royalists, the New Year doesn’t just mark a change of calendar, it marks the start of the short window and long battle to get tickets to Trooping The Colour. Tickets for Trooping...
  • Why The Middletons Aren’t ‘Cashing In’ On Party Pieces

    by - Dec 31, 2012
    Today has been a day of almost no Royal News. As such, on days like these, some ‘royal fansites’ like to speculate. On today’s agenda was whether the Middletons were cashing in on their Party Pieces...
  • A Thank You and A Competition!

    by - Dec 30, 2012
    2012 has been a great year for Royal Central. Since first started just over 5 months ago (on 25 July to be precise), we have grown much more rapidly than we expected. We’d like to take...
  • Top 10 Royal Myths – Busted

    by - Dec 30, 2012
    Royal myths – in light of various articles on our site pointing to different myths that surprising amount of people believe, we thought we’d compile our top ten royal myths that are commonly believed plus an...
  • MP Proposes New Law To Make Wives Of Kings, Princesses

    by - Dec 30, 2012
    MP John Hemming is to propose new legislation to the House Of Commons soon about the naming of wives of Kings. Currently, wives of Kings are ‘Queen Consorts’, allowing them the use of the title ‘Queen’....
  • What did Camilla get for Christmas that she had to hide from Kate?

    by - Dec 30, 2012
    As many people know, this Christmas, the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge spent this Christmas with the Middletons at their home in Bucklebury, rather than at Sandringham for the traditional Christmas gathering with Her Majesty The...
  • Royal Central’s British Royal Family Quiz 2012

    by - Dec 29, 2012
    Have a go at our Royal Family Quiz 2012 and see how well you score and how much you know about the past year’s Royal events. Why not tell us your score on Twitter, @RoyalCentralUK....Read More