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  • ‘Happy Birthday Kate’ – 31 Facts About The Duchess Of Cambridge

    by - Jan 9, 2013
    Today, HRH The Duchess Of Cambridge ‘Kate’ celebrates her 31st birthday. Kate has been married to her husband Prince William for almost 2 years and is one of the most popular members of the...
  • “65% Of People Surveyed Think Charles Won’t Reign Until 2020!”

    by - Jan 9, 2013
    As our site users will know, we recently opened an opinion polls section of our site to help us gain an understanding of people’s opinion on the Monarchy. Some of the results we gained from the...
  • Church Of England Expresses Concern Over Primogeniture Law Change

    by - Jan 8, 2013
    The Church Of England has voiced its concerns over the rushing of the bill to change primogeniture laws for succession in the United Kingdom. Just a day ago, Prince Charles voiced the same concerns to Whitehall...
  • Queen Advertises Job Vacancy For £14,200/year ‘Washer-Upper’

    by - Jan 7, 2013
    All manner of strange and rare jobs become available from time to time on the Royal Website’s employment section, from The Queen’s driver to in this case, The Royal ‘Washer-Upper’....Read More
  • Daily Mail Reports “Charles’s Concerns On Primogeniture Law Change”

    by - Jan 6, 2013
    The Daily Mail newspaper in the UK has published an article, set to also appear on its front page of tomorrow’s newspaper, stating that according to a reliable source, Prince Charles has been in conversation with...
  • Could The Queen Be Made Empress Of Great Britain?

    by - Jan 6, 2013
    On 1 May 1876, Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress Of India after discussion with Prime Minister of the day, Benjamin Disraeli led to Queen Victoria wanting a title boost after her daughter became Empress Of Germany. From...
  • The Royal Family’s Official Residences

    by - Jan 6, 2013
    In light of the recent speculation (with evidence I might add) about Prince William and Catherine’s future country home on Her Majesty’s Sandringham Estate, we thought we’d compile a list of the Royal Family’s official residences...
  • Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge To Receive Country Home From Queen

    by - Jan 6, 2013
    It has emerged that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are to receive a special country home from Her Majesty The Queen on the Sandringham Estate, the Queen’s country home in Norfolk, England....Read More
  • ‘Name That Royal’ – Quiz

    by - Jan 5, 2013
    As mentioned on our Twitter, after the success of our Royal Quiz of 2012, we will be instituting a new quiz every month based on a different theme. This month the quiz is ‘Name That Royal’....
  • Is The Queen Really Above The Law?

    by - Jan 5, 2013
    For centuries, the reigning Monarch in Britain has been considered the font of justice. But what does this mean, and does it mean The Queen can do whatever she wants without legal repercussions? We’re about to...