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Elizabeth Norton

Elizabeth Norton

  • Anne of Cleves, A Flanders Mare: Part 3

    In July 1540 Anne of Cleves – the fourth wife of Henry VIII – went from being queen of England back...

    HistoryElizabeth Norton18th February 2014
  • Anne of Cleves, A Flanders Mare: Part 2

    Anne of Cleves, the fourth wife of Henry VIII, endured the shortest marriage of any of the six wives. In fact,...

    HistoryElizabeth Norton28th January 2014
  • Anne of Cleves, A Flanders Mare: Part 1

    Everyone knows that Henry VIII had six wives, with the rhyme ‘Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived’, recording their largely unenviable...

    HistoryElizabeth Norton11th January 2014
  • Judith of Francia: Twice Queen of Wessex

    Anglo-Saxon queens receive very little attention, with it commonly believed that there were no pre-Conquest queens in England. Such an assertion...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Norton20th December 2013
  • Monarchy Rules: A look at Empress Matilda

    On 25 November 1120 the White Ship sank off the coast of Normandy not long after it set out for England....

    Blog PostsElizabeth Norton2nd December 2013
  • A Viking King of England

    One Thousand years ago this winter, England was a very different place. The year 1013 marks the first eleventh century conquest...

    HistoryElizabeth Norton20th November 2013
  • Elfrida, The First Crowned Queen of England

    It is often claimed that the Anglo-Saxons did not have queens. Instead, Matilda of Flanders, the wife of William the Conqueror...

    HistoryElizabeth Norton7th November 2013
  • Royal Christenings Through the Ages

    Prince George of Cambridge will follow in a long line of royal babies when he is christened on Wednesday. As a...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Norton22nd October 2013
  • A One Thousand Year Old Murder Mystery

    On the evening of 18 March 978 Edward, the teenaged king of England, set out on horseback for Corfe in Dorset,...

    Blog PostsElizabeth Norton10th October 2013