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Adding Royal Central to your Amazon Flash Briefing

With Flash Briefing, your Alexa-enabled device delivers the latest news and content from popular broadcasters, local weather information, and more. Now, you can add Royal Central’s daily recap to the mix, meaning you’ll never be out of the loop on royal news.

You’ll need the Amazon Alexa App to set up your Flash Briefing.

Follow the steps below to add enable the Royal Central Flash Briefing on your device:

Your Flash Briefing settings apply to all Alexa devices registered to your Amazon account, and all users in your home will get access to the same Flash Briefing content.

Listen to Your Flash Briefing

To do this… Say or do this…
Listen to your Flash Briefing “What’s my Flash Briefing?”

“What’s the news?”

Navigate your Flash Briefing “Next.”



Navigate your video Flash Briefing on Echo Show Tap the screen to see video playback options. You can also say:

“Pause / Stop.”

“Resume / Continue.”



If you’re experiencing issues with your Royal Central Flash Briefing feed or have any questions on enabling the skills, please email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.