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65 years of Her Majesty’s reign in pictures: Part 5

On 6 February Queen Elizabeth will be celebrating her Sapphire Jubilee as she reigns for 65 years. Leading up to this milestone we will look back at some of the moments to go down in history. The following pictures chronicled the fifth decade of Queen Elizabeth’s time as monarch, to check out the previous ten you can click here.

21 November 1992- The Queen surveys the damage of the fire that ripped through Windsor Castle

1 June 1993- A Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Thomas Imo

13 June 1994- The Queen and Prince Philip on their way to the Order of Garter

20 March 1995- Her Majesty meets President Nelson Mandela in South Africa

17 March 1996- The Queen lays a wreath at The Dunblane Primary School after 16 children and their teacher were killed

7 September 1997- The Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales

15 May 1998- The Queen takes in some shopping at the Trade Stands at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

8 November 1999- While in Ghana, Her Majesty attends a Durbar of Chiefs of Tribes

6 December 2000- The Queen reading her speech at the State Opening of Parliament

28 November 2001- Queen Elizabeth takes a trip to the ‘Eastenders’ set

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